Day to day data

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Day to day data
As part of my recovery from depression and living with my Tourette’s, I try to keep a diary of my mood and what I do. Tics, the involuntary sounds and movements that I have with my Tourette’s, are often triggered by excitement or anxiety. I’ve been learning how to spot what is making me anxious and recording it using a mood diary.

For my mood diary I use an app called MindJogger to set random reminders and use an app called Daylio to record my mood and what I’m doing. I find the Daylio app helpful because common activities have their own buttons so I don’t need to type.

My mood diary helps me see what activities or moods make my tics worse and which help. Getting data from my mood diary helps motivate me to see if there’s an improvement I can make and can let me see patterns over time to see what works for me. In a perfect world, I would record all this diligently, and in a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to. Luckily, things aren’t perfect, so it’s ok that I’m not either.

Often we remember the worst things that have happened, but it’s not a good reflection of the day. My mood diary reminds me that a bad event doesn’t make a bad day and a bad day doesn’t mean a bad week. Most of the time there’s a mix. 

About Felix
Felix is a keen blogger and writes about his experiences of Tourette’s and mental health on his website.

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