The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture: Cinema to Change Your Mind … so not normal for Norfolk!!!

Funded by Time to Change, the national campaign that challenges mental health stigma, the Bigger Picture is a social contact project that creates the opportunity to share conversations around mental health, challenge labels and change minds and attitudes. Cinema has got a lot to answer for when it comes to spreading negative stereotypes around mental health: who does not remember a crazy comic mad character or the psychotic serial killer “crazy” character from a movie? Often that is all the knowledge we have about very complex mental health ailments.

Armed with a voracious will to defy preconceived ideas, the Bigger Picture volunteers, all people with lived in experience of mental health, talk their way around Norfolk, asking from people engaged in conversation a real commitment to fight stigma, often made manifest in a pledge. Other activities include a film festival, video story telling workshops and a final celebration of the volunteers’ journeys.

Norwich Mind thanks Cinema Plus, Creative Arts East and BBC Voices for their involvement and enthusiasm.

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